Cognitive Milestones

Cognitive development describes how a child’s brain  develops, and includes skills such as thinking, learning, exploring and problem solving. It also affects other areas of a child’s development, including language and social skills.

What are some signs of cognitive developmental milestones?

How would you recognise these and understand which stage of development your lil one is at?

Milestones like crawling , taking the first steps, or saying the first word are extremely important moments in a baby's life that you as a parent or caregiver would cherish. Research by the CDC identifies many important cognitive developmental milestones that you can watch out for as early as two months onwards!

A summary of few activities that are crucial for this developmental milestone have been grouped below. We have also listed some of our toys that would be useful partners for your child in their cognitive developmental journey.

  • Sorting shapes is a great activity to help coordination and focus and develop thinking skills.

Check out our Colourful Shape Sorter that helps develop your lil one's visual processing skills in addition to sorting skills! 

These early childhood development skills of shapes and colours are fun but also extremely crucial as they would help improve your child's understanding of numbers and math.

  • Matching and sorting helps children develop a range of thinking skills.The visual memory and discrimination involved and the identification of patterns and relationships and similarity and difference help children to learn about early representation and problem solving. The Memory Game: Animals  provides children with different creatures ( birds, dinosaurs,  sea creatures and other animals) to match thereby posing a new challenge each time.

Cognitive learning is characterized by comprehension, organizing ideas and applying knowledge through choice and evaluation.

  • When children play with puzzles, it helps them to better understand how themes work together and fit into the world around them. Match the Shapes Puzzles is an interesting toy in which children start off with forming simple two piece puzzles with different geometrical shapes.

 For slightly older kids, The Art Series-Design your own puzzle allows them to paint, create and play with their own lil puzzle!

There are many other toys which would enhance your lil one's cognitive development - check them out here.

So watch out for those developmental milestones and have fun with your lil one while doing so!