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You might have questions for us. We've tried to compile a list of questions with answers.


1. Are your toys safe for use by children.

Our toys are made from sustainable resources and are completely non toxic and safe for use by children. Where applicable, they have been tested and certified by the relevant international toy safety standards.


2. Where and how do you source your toys?

Our toys are a result of (1) collections manufactured and designed under our own brand (2) partnerships with established toy brands whose story, philosophy and ethos strike a chord with our mission of providing toys that inculcate invaluable skill sets and strong general awareness amongst children. Currently, we source them from South East Asia and India.


3. How often do you add new toys to your collection?

This will happen at regular intervals. Currently, our toy range will expand to also include toys for newborn children as well as toys for older older children in the age range of 5 years upwards.


4. Do you ship overseas?

Currently, we are based in Singapore and deliver locally. However, for any interest, please drop us an email with your requirements and we will get back with the best possible quote for international shipments.


5. How do I pay for my order?

We accept all major credit cards, bank transfers and Pay Lah. So you could opt for either of these payment methods. 


6. What are your return policies?

Do check out our return policies at the bottom of the homepage.


If there is something you still need to know, you could email us at and we will revert at the soonest!